KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -
KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -
KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -
KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -
KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -
KandyMask Brave 5.0 Face Mask -

KandyMask Brave 5.0 Protective Mask - Dual Valves

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Do you want a stylish face mask that actually works?

Of course, you would!  KandyMask is a stylish high-performance face mask engineered for maximum respiratory protection and comfort.  

“We have been designing respiratory protection filters since 2008”

✅ RESPIRATORY PROTECTION:  When you wear our face mask it helps to protect your lungs from dust, pollen, ash, PM2.5, and other airborne contaminants through advanced filtration layers.

✅ 99.8% EFFECTIVE FILTRATION: we use multiple layers of or proprietary medical-grade melt blown polypropylene embed between 2 outer layers which making the filter system 99.8% efficient.  

✅  INCREASED COMFORT Our dual valve face masks are designed to help you stay cool providing much more comfort. It reduces the internal comfort of the mask by at least 10°F keeping you cool all day.  No longer do you need to suffer through the day feeling hot and muggy or having your glasses fog up every few minutes.

✅ RIGHT SIZE & FIT: We understand that we all come in different shapes and sizes so we have created different sizes for the whole family.  We also have adjustable nosebands to ensure the mask fits around the contour of your nose for a tight fit.

✅ BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: We protect your lungs from contaminants without sacrificing style.  Our design team is fanatical about making sure you look your best.

✅ ECO-FRIENDLY & REUSABLE: Our face masks are reusable for 3-12 months depending on air quality conditions in your area.  You can hand wash the masks with warm water and soap by using a damp cloth.

✅ EXPERIENCE: Our founders have over 10 years of experience in the air quality business providing filtration solutions to over 30,000 clients and most of the Fortune 500 companies.

 *The above diagram is an indication of how the mask could capture particles when properly used

We have been awarded the GB/T 32610-2016 for daily protective use.  This is a standard given to KandyMask for achieving the result below.

Test Standard
Our Result
Inhalation Resistance (Pa)

Exhalation Resistance (Pa) <145 142.7

Formaldehyde Content
Not detected
pH Value 4.0-8.5
Filter Efficiency - Salty Medium
Filter Efficiency - Oily Medium
80% 95.8%


Click Here for Test Report Here

Disclaimer: This is a non-medical face mask and shouldn't be used in a healthcare setting.  This mask is for general public use and in no way guarantees to protect against infectious disease.  It should be used in addition to following WHO and CDC guidelines.  This includes social distancing and hand washing. 

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