How to choose the right mask size?

Choosing the right mask size is important for good filtration and comfort.

All the KandyMask models come in variety of sizes.  We use height as a method to choose the right size mask size. In all our years of being in the protective mask space, we have found that it works for about 95% of people.  The 5% usually have longer or shorter faces from nose to chin.  If you feel you are in this 5% you should potentially choose one size up or one size down.   We are also aware that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes so it's important to layout actual measurements for you to make an informed decision. 

Below is the mask size and measurement for our KandyMask 6.0 and new KandyMask 7.0 models

1. For the height of the mask, measure from the bridge of your nose down to the right to the bottom of the chin.

2. For the width of the mask,  measure from your left cheekbone to your right cheekbone.  This measurement rarely has an effect on the wearer and is not always necessary unless you have skinnier or heavier set facial features.

Size chart for our newest KandyMask 7.0

Kandymask 7.0 Sizing Chart

Size chart for the KandyMask 6.0


KandyMask 6.0 mask size chart

These are the 3 ways to choose the right mask size?

1. Use a measuring tape and follow the guidelines mentioned above.

2. If you don't have a measuring tape at home and just want to get things done.  Just use our height guide and it will work for most people of average size and height.

3. Important: If you find that you are caught between 2 sizes we recommend going with the larger of the 2 sizes as it will cover more of your face offering better protection.

Mask size and measuring tape

What are some of the special cases for mask size?

1. Being very tall over 6 foot 2 and skinny with a small face can be sometimes hard to decide between a large and an extra-large.  In this case, we would recommend an extra-large mask size and tighten the ear loops.  We feel the height of the mask is more important than the width in this case.

2. Being shorter than 6 feet but with a larger face or heavier weight could be challenging to also choose the right mask size.  In this case, we would recommend also recommend the larger of the two sizes you are considering because you can tighten the ear loops.

What if a buy a mask and it just doesn't match my facial features.

This very rarely happens but if for any reason it does we will make it right for you.  We fully understand that everyone is different and that choosing a mask without trying it on is difficult.  This is why we offer a 100% comfort fit guarantee.  If for any reason it doesn't fit within the first 7 days of receiving it, just take of video and show us why.   We will then send you another mask free of charge as we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Buying a mask shouldn't come with risk during these difficult times.  We all deserve a mask that fits right and protects with the right filtration.