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KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve -
KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve -
KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve -
KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve -
KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve -

KandyMask Confident 6.0 Protective Mask - No Valve

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  • >99% viral, bacteria, and particle filtration efficiency to protect you and others.
  • A 4 layer polypropylene system for effective respiratory protection.
  • Adjustable ear loops for the perfect fit.
  • Flexible nose wire to help create the right seal.
  • No valves
  • 4 available sizes - (small, medium, large, and extra-large)
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Reusable and washable with warm water and soap.
  • Product safety performed by UL.
  • Filtration efficiency is proven by Nelson Labs.
  • FREE Bonus accessories: a carry pouch and lanyard valued at $10 plus is included for free inside the package.

Our "Filtration Performance Guarantee" to you

  • We guarantee KandyMask is the best performing non-valve reusable mask in the world. If you can find something that performs better than KandyMask we will donate $2000 in KandyMask on your behalf to your charity of choice and give you your money back.
  • Just show us their test report from an FDA accredited lab if it beats our test results here, the deal is done. 


      Believe in science - Not marketing jargon.

      Be part of the select few that have done their research and know certified polypropylene masks work. Unfortunately, we all know most reusable masks on the market offer very little protection because they don't use the right materials nor have they been tested.  With our reusable 4 layer polypropylene mask, you have the best of both worlds by protecting yourself and others through the same filtration doctor's use.

      Proven 99.8% filter efficiency 

      Nelson Labs has certified our mask to have 99.8% filtration efficiency which gives you the protection you need.   Our 4 layer reusable melt-blown polypropylene mask uses the same filtration materials as N95 masks.  We help protect you against pollution, pollen, wildfire smoke, and other airborne contaminants. Scroll down to see all tech specs and filtration results.

      Comfortable to wear with 4 sizes for the perfect fit.

      We understand that comfort is important when wearing a mask every day. The ergonomic design and soft ear loops will add that extra level of comfort.  With 4 sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large you will find the perfect size for you.

      A flexible nose bridge and adjustable earloops for a better fit and seal.

      Having the right seal is a key component in quality filtration. The flexible nose bridge and adjustable ear loops help create a seal for better protection.

      Meet and exceed the CDC, WHO, and Health Canada guidelines

      Governments recommend 2 to 4 layer masks made of various materials but these mostly only protect others. With our medical-grade polypropylene mask, you can surpass recommendations by protecting others and yourself with proven filtration.

      A stylish reusable mask that looks amazing

      Look your best by wearing this stylish face mask without sacrificing performance. Be prepared for people to ask you where you got our new reusable pollution mask. (it happens to us when we walk the street all the time)

      Caring for and washing your new KandyMask

      We recommend that you hand wash the mask with warm water and hand soap then hang it to dry. Here are an informative article and video on how to wash your mask.  Do not put the mask in the washing machine or machine dry the mask.  If you are looking to sanitize the masks further we recommend looking at our UV-C sanitizer box that will kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of the mask.

      KandyMask polypropylene filter life expectancy

      We recommend the entire mask be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on how often you use it.  Our polypropylene mask will become dirty over time from filtering particles. The good news is that these particles didn't end up in your lungs.   An indicator that the mask needs to be changed is when it becomes more difficult to breathe through the mask.

      Technical Specifications

      Particle filtration efficiency (NaCI) 97.14% between 0.075 and 0.3 micron
      Viral filtration efficiency (VFE) 99.80%
      Bacterial filtration efficiency  (BFE) 99.76%
      Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) 99.30% at 0.3 micron
      Differential pressure (breathability) 7.8 mm H2O/cm2
      Filtration Testing Laboratory Nelson Labs
      Bacteria/Particle Filtration efficiency Exceeds ASTM F2100 Level, 1,2,3
      # of layers 4
      Color Black
      Filter Media Proprietary polypropylene microfilter
      Activated carbon layer Yes
      Exhalation valve
      Adjustable earloops Yes, stopper on each earloop
      Flexible nose wire Yes,
      Class Premium, non-medical, consumer protection
      Number of layers 4
      Application Work, exercise, shopping, daily protection
      Care and maintenance Hand wash warm water and soap, hang dry
      Filter included
      Yes, the entire mask is the filter
      Life expectancy 6-12 months depending on usage
      Included in the package 1 x Mask, 1 x carry pouch, 1 x lanyard
      Packaging on arrival Heat-sealed (only end-user can open)
      Packaging Dimensions 5 x 22 x 2 (cm) / 5.9 x 8.6 x 0.78 (in)
      Packaging weight 40 (g) / 1.23 (oz)
      Other certification GB/T 32610-2016 (daily protective use)


      General appearance after laundering (pass) No open seams, holes, snags, runs, loose threads, excessive pilling, puckering, etc.
      Shape Distortion after laundering (pass) No evidence of twisting
      Flame Resistance 16 CFR PART 1610 Pass
      Analytical ASTM F2617-08e1 Pass
      Overall product safety Pass
      Certified testing agency
      (UL) Underwriters Laboratories CTL Division


      DISCLAIMER: KandyMask is a non-medical reusable mask with filtration properties intended for general public use only. They are not intended for use in any clinical or surgical setting.

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