KandyMask "Energy"
KandyMask "Energy"
KandyMask "Energy"

KandyMask "Energy"

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Would you love to protect your lungs and look great at the same time?

Of course, you would!  KandyMask is a stylish high-performance face mask engineered for maximum respiratory protection and comfort.  This mask protects you against harmful air pollution such as PM2.5, dust, germs, and other harmful airborne contaminants.

“We protect your lungs from contaminants without sacrificing style.”

✔️HIGH-GRADE PROTECTION:  When you wear our mask we guarantee your lungs are protected from dust, pollen, ash, and PM2.5 pollutants through advanced N99 and activated carbon filtration.  

✔️CERTIFIED N99:  All our masks have gone through testing and are certified N99 which is a level higher than traditional N95 medical masks.

✔️SUPERIOR QUALITY & COMFORT:  Our mask is made from the state of the air micro-fiber triple filtration material that offers guaranteed respiratory relief and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

✔️COMFORTABLE FIT: We understand that we all come in different shapes and sizes so we have created 3 sizes for the whole family.  We also have adjustable nosebands to ensure the mask fits around the contour of your nose ensuring a great fit.

✔️BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: We protect your lungs for contaminants without sacrificing style.  Our design team is fanatical about making sure you look you best

✔️ECO-FRIENDLY & REUSABLE: Our masks are reusable for 3-12 months depending on air quality conditions in your area.  You can hand was the mask to extend the life of the mask.

✔️HIGHLY EXPERIENCED: We have helped over 20,000 customers breathe better by developing some of the most effective air filtration products over the last 11 years.  

✔️LIFETIME WARRANTY:  Love the mask or we will buy it back from you. No questions asked!

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