Our Story


The KandyMask N99 face mask story starts over 11 years ago when former professional hockey player and Canadian founder Iannique Renaud decided to travel to China for 3 months and decided to stay.  When his son was just a baby, he suffered a serious respiratory attack due to the high levels of pollution in the air.  He had to rush his son to the hospital for treatment to clear his airways which happened again on the second night.   After seeing his baby boy hooked up for respiratory aid, Iannique went out to search for a non-evasive solution.

Like any loving parent would do,  Iannique started researching air filtration technologies and materials so his son could remain safe from airborne contaminants.  Through trial and error, he built a filtration system for his son’s room that ended up eliminating his son’s respiratory condition.   With the new filtration system installed his son started to feel better and now lives a normal healthy life.

After engineering a solution for the inside of the house Iannique turned his attention to protecting his son while he was outside and this is how the KandyMask face mask was born.  Using his advanced knowledge in air filtration he designed a mask that was stylish and incredibly effective at the same time.  

Through this experience, Iannique's spent 16 years building his air filtration company which became one of the most respected air filtration companies in Asia with 60 employees and 3 offices around the world.  His air quality division was acquired by a multi-national company in 2017 and he kept the face mask part of the business which is now KandyMask.  

After a successful venture abroad Iannique now lives in Montreal, Canada so his kids can breathe cleaner air.  Little did he know that his years of experience would come in handy in the western world so now he spends his time engineering the next generation KandyMask has evolved into a premium filtration product over the years.

The KandyMask mission is to make sure that no parent every has to see their own child in a respiratory emergency situation that could of prevented in the first place.

Who does KandyMask service and protect?

  • International Schools that want to protect children
  • Corporations that want to protect employees
  • Families that want added protection
  • Health and Wellness companies that want to be involved in the distribution of masks and increase revenue.

What is our business model?

We have the luxury of owning the manufacturing line and do not outsource manufacturing to 3rd parties which we believe allows us to control the quality and performance of every single mask.

  • Helping retailers and distributors increase revenue mask revenue
  • Made to order design and manufacturing.

    Thank you for choosing KandyMask!

    CEO & Founder, Iannique Renaud