KandyMask is for people that believe in science and want proven protection from airborne contaminants.

We have protected people living in the most polluted cities on earth for many years. Now we use the same expertise to protect you during the pandemic. You can rely on our proven filtration technologies to protect you and the people you care about the most.


"Ensure your daily essentials are germ-free with a single tap — our UV sanitizer gives your phone, keys, and kandymask a clean slate in minutes.

Our 99.8% filtration performance is backed by the world's leading testing laboratory.

Nelson Labs verified our filtration & breathability efficiency

* 99.3% Particle Filtration Efficience @ 0.3 Microns

* 97.14% Particle Filtration Efficiency @ 0.075 to 0.26 micron (yes, that is 10-25 times smaller then PM2.5)

* 9.66 mmH2O/cm2 breathability result


Our Filter Performance Guarantee & Promise to You

We are so confident in our industry leading filtration performance that if you find another reusable mask that has better filtration then ours we will donate $2000 in KandyMask to your charity of choice.

Just show us a copy of the particle efficiency from a reputable accredited laboratory with the name of their mask on it and we donate on your behalf. See our original filtration report here.

Behind the KandyMask micro filter system.

1st Layer: A high thread count microfiber that acts as a pre-filter for large particles and helps extend the life of our inner microfilter layers.

2nd Layer: A thin activated carbon material that filters out PM 2.5 particles, light gases, and chemicals.

3rd Layer: 2 stacked layers of our proprietary melt-blown polypropylene blend tested to filter microscopic airborne contaminants between 0.3 and 0.075 microns.

4th Layer: This breathable, quick dry mesh material increases comfort by adding a thin layer between the filtration materials and face.

Why wear Kandymask?

- Finally, use a mask that protects you and others. No more wondering if your mask actually works. We all know cloth masks just don't cut it when it comes to protecting you.

- Wear a mask that is actually comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

- You have the choice to choose from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large for the perfect fit and seal.

- Walk around knowing you are much better protected than most people in the world.

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